While the Treasury Department has sent approximately 160 million stimulus payments, according to a report from the House Ways and Means Committee, approximately 35 million people who are eligible still haven’t received checks. Eight million individuals who receive Social Security or Railroad retirement benefits and millions of SSI and VA recipients who do not file tax returns, as well as millions of others who do not receive any government benefits and are not required to file tax returns, have not received checks. 

Advocates have an important role to play in connecting people with these stimulus payments.

  • Advocates can push states to do outreach to eligible individuals, including those receiving Medicaid, SNAP, and TANF benefits, letting them know about the non-filer portal and encouraging them to submit their information before the October 15, 2020 deadline. 
  • Advocates can also push the Treasury to get the remaining payments out as quickly as possible. The agency has said it may take as long as the end of the year for all the payments to be made, which is too long for those who are in dire need now.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has a resource portal to help advocates with outreach. Organizations can also join the campaign and be added to a listserv to connect with other groups. Here’s a simple form

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