It is critical that the voices of older adults are heard in this and every election. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, older adults may face barriers to voting safely and securely. Advocates working with seniors can play an important role in sharing information about voting rights and procedures with their communities. There are multiple resources available to advocates and older adults to help navigate potential legal and logistical barriers to voting:  

The national, nonpartisan Election Protection program is available to all voters who need information or assistance at all stages of voting, and have helplines in multiple languages to assist voters who encounter problems.  

All older adults, but particularly older adults of color, older women, LGBTQ older adults, older adults with disabilities, and older adults who are immigrants or have limited English proficiency have much to gain or lose in elections, particularly when it comes to the protection and expansion of access to programs that help them meet their basic needs including health and long-term care through Medicare and Medicaid, and Social Security benefits. Additionally, elections matter in terms of civil rights, equal treatment, and racial justice. As advocates, we can utilize these resources and engage with partners to make sure that all older adults have the information they need to have their voices heard in this year’s election.  

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